Bohemian Rhapsody


I have a soft spot for bohemian interiors. The earthy tones take me back home, to the highveld bush and Soutpansberg sunsets. But I’m perhaps even more partial to it because it so aptly describes my sister … a free spirit who’s homes are always filled with plants, rugs, patterns and colour.


When it comes to creating this look you almost cannot have too many plants, rugs, patterns and colour. It’s a layered approach; textures over textures, pattern over pattern. What’s great about it is the fact that it works so well for both busy-, collector personalities as well as simplistic- less-is-more types. It’s also a great way to add colour without a drop of paint–although you want to opt for earthy, dirty tones and lift them up with a single bright spot colour.

Rattan and vintage furniture works super well with this style, so it’s a great approach if you’re decorating on a budget and shopping at thrift stores. Having said that, it’s important to use good quality pieces, like kilim or berber rugs so it doesn’t look dated and stale. Combine wooden surfaces with rough textures such as woven baskets, skins and scatter cushions or soften the look with a fluffy throw over tan leather.


Accessorise with found objects like straw hats, an old guitar/ukulele or wooden sculptural pieces. Philodendrons make perfect plant companions with their dark jumbo leaves. To finish it off, add visual height by hanging planters with long leafy greenery like string of pearls or trailing jade.

Create the look: Bohemian

style variants

I found some other great examples of this style–each with a slightly different character–to demonstrate how versatile this look can be. Click on the images to see each blog post; they’re all terrific!

Bohemian bedroom with geometric bedding, guitars and plants
Bohemian bedroom: plants like Philodendron Xanadu & Fiddle Leaf Fig + geometric fabric + guitars + wood – from


New Darlings - Living Room
Boho living room: tan leather + geometric rug + wood + plants + colourful scatter cushions + woven basket – from New Darlings


Alea & Joy dining room
Bohemian dining room: Plants + terracotta + wood + geometric rug + sheep wool – from DesignSponge


Neutral coloured boho chic living room
Neutral coloured boho chic: tan + geometric rug + leather + wood + plants + geometric pillows – from Kitka


Bohemian terrace
Bohemian Veranda: Wood + plants + rattan + colourful geometric pillows – from myscandinavianhome


Any other ideas for styling your space bohemian? Leave a reply, I’m keen to hear your thoughts!


Header for blogpost with Dr Strangelove Reference

We all have that one thing. That thing that makes our hearts swell, makes us feel giddy. That love for something other than a person … That love of mine is interiors. Creating a space that contains meaning and value–that captures memories and moods–out of little more than a few walls. This has always been a fascination of mine. Fine lines … between simple and stale, grand and grotesque.

I grew up sharing my mother’s love for magazines (Garden & Homes and House & Leisures), mountains of them piling up under beds or on coffee tables cause mom can’t throw them out. I dreamt of one day becoming an Architect or Interior designer or working at Elle Decoration … In the end I became a graphic designer. This is my daily profession.

So it would seem that a blog about interiors would be the natural outlet for this passion of mine. But it’s taken me some time to even consider this as a creative outlet. Even more time to summon the courage to get started. So be gentle with me while I take you along on this creative journey. I think we’ll learn much along the way.

My next post will be featuring a theme that I feel is quite suitable given my current lodgings. Berlin–the city I now call home–is arguably the poster child of bohemian, well, everything. So for my first interior subject I’ll be taking a stab at defining a look that is comfortably offbeat and idiosyncratic without being arty-farty or zany. You see … there’s that fine line again. Well then, until next time!