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Plastic free Friday NO.3


This one’s for the meat lovers out there. It’s virtually impossible to buy meat without some type of packaging, so the idea here is to at least buy the option with the least amount of waste.


For instance, instead of buying four individually packaged packs of mince, rather go to the butchery section of the store and get 1kg of mince in one go. This way you end up with one set of packaging versus 4, and you can separate the meat into smaller amounts at home before you freeze it. It also works out much cheaper, so it’s a win for your pocket and the environment.


Plastic free Friday's tips on using less plastic no 3




Plastic free life .2

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Plastic free Friday NO.2

There’s something about grabbing a “to-go” coffee on my way to work that just makes me feel cool. But actually it’s not cool. Because the coffee lasts for maybe 2mins and then it’s into the bin with the cup and lid.


So from now on, I will either stop, and have my coffee “to-stay”, or I’ll take one of those nifty cups with the silicone lids (those ones from Mr Price) along with me to work. This zero-waste CEO I read about uses a mason jar, which I guess could also work. But maybe you really don’t have time to sit down and maybe you really just need the coffee. Perhaps then, you just take the cup, leave the lid and don’t stir with that silly plastic stick.





Makers | Upholstery & Design

The entrance to The Makers showroom in Centurion




I’m super excited to be posting this week as I get to share with you the charming upholstery and interior design workshop of my bestie, Meagan Olivier. The Makers showroom in Centurion is such a sensory delight, you’ll be hard pressed to leave once you’ve stepped inside.

The MAKERS showroom on South Street in Centurion is brilliantly vibrant. As you enter you’re greeted by a whimsical sofa posing as a colour-clad crocodile. You’ll never guess that it’s actually an up-cycled corner-booth thrown out during a restaurant refurbishment. The beautiful displays of fabric samples, textures and patterns had me convinced that all of my furniture can do with a facelift.


Stills from The MAkers' showroom in Centurion


MAKERS source their fabrics from major fabric houses like U&G, Home Fabrics, Fabric Library, Black Fabrics, The design Team etc. so there’s no personality or style not catered for. Meagan also has an incredible knack for colour and can put patterns and hues together that are both surprising and captivating in their originality and impact. Plus with a BTech in textile design, she not only knows her way around colour, but has extensive knowledge about fabric and weaves. 


Fabric samples at The Makers' showroom in Centurion


Meagie founded her upholstery business MAKERS back in 2013 and along with her team and mum-cum-business partner Lena, she transforms sad old furniture into marvellous masterpieces. If you’re keen to see some of their creations, go have a look at their website; They also do custom made soft furnishings like Roman blinds and cushions.


The makers showroom in Centurion with fabric samples and fabric potters

Accessories for sale at The Makers' showroom in Centurion


Inside the showroom a brightly coloured partition of up-cycled pallets cleverly hides the workshop in the back from the showroom but still allows light to flow through to the space. I also love the vibrant prayer flags – a relic from Meagie’s wedding – used to soften the austere factory ceiling.


Upholstery underway at the Makers workshop in CenturionThe Makers Team


I’d definitely recommend a visit to the showroom. If you’re lucky you might even get to see the magic happen in the workshop, where the Makers team (Meagie, Lena, Raymond, Meisie, Rita and Justice) turn old fossils into wonderful gems. Meagie’s obsession with quality and attention to detail is evident in every single piece that leaves the showroom and her vibrant personality resonates in every corner of the space.


“MAKERS Upholstery & Design is a place where creativity comes alive through a process of collaboration.”

– Meagan Olivier


12-Makers-Upholstery-&-Design-showroom-in-CenturionMeagan and Lena from the Makers


Plastic free life .1

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Plastic free Friday NO.1

Between two evils, choose the one that leaves no trace


I first posted “my plastic free life” suggestion on Facebook and people seemed really inspired by it. So I thought I’d create a page for it on my blog, so people can go back to it and pass it along. So if you haven’t seen the Facebook post, here is suggestion NO.1. Now you have an excuse to choose the cone!

Paper cups are often laminated with plastic in order to make it watertight and are therefore not valued as pure paper, making it tough to recycle. And that pretty pink spoon is exactly the stuff you see sticking out in beach sand. Rather choose the cone, you don’t have to eat it (it’s biodegradable).