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We all have that one thing. That thing that makes our hearts swell, makes us feel giddy. That love for something other than a person … That love of mine is interiors. Creating a space that contains meaning and value–that captures memories and moods–out of little more than a few walls. This has always been a fascination of mine. Fine lines … between simple and stale, grand and grotesque.

I grew up sharing my mother’s love for magazines (Garden & Homes and House & Leisures), mountains of them piling up under beds or on coffee tables cause mom can’t throw them out. I dreamt of one day becoming an Architect or Interior designer or working at Elle Decoration … In the end I became a graphic designer. This is my daily profession.

So it would seem that a blog about interiors would be the natural outlet for this passion of mine. But it’s taken me some time to even consider this as a creative outlet. Even more time to summon the courage to get started. So be gentle with me while I take you along on this creative journey. I think we’ll learn much along the way.

My next post will be featuring a theme that I feel is quite suitable given my current lodgings. Berlin–the city I now call home–is arguably the poster child of bohemian, well, everything. So for my first interior subject I’ll be taking a stab at defining a look that is comfortably offbeat and idiosyncratic without being arty-farty or zany. You see … there’s that fine line again. Well then, until next time!

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  1. What a lovely introduction! I cannot wait to read your next post and the next one and the next … I am sooo watching this space!

  2. Your blog is a gem! Loving your articles!

  3. Helene Smith

    Well done! Ek ♥ ook binne-ruimtes.

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