Home-made christmas

DIY Christmas wreath

These days the spirit of christmas is captured in mass produced tinsel and coca-cola smiles. Malls are hanging baubles in October and countdowns to xmas-delivery prompt us to spend spend spend! It will probably not surprise you that an estimated 60% of the world Christmas decorations are made in China (Yiwu), with some workers putting in 12 hour shifts for as little as 45p per hour! So in this post let’s celebrate a hand-made christmas. Let’s go back to nature and use what we have.

Green Christmas Cheat 01: Make your own wreaths 

It’s actually so simple. Use a piece of wire that you can easily bend into a circle (like a wire hanger). Get a bunch of holly and a nice long Eucalyptus branch (or any type of long leafy branch) and wrap them around the wire. I found it easier to first make the wire into a circle and then adding the plants. The girls from Treasures and Travels have excellent step-by-step images of how how to make one.

Christmas wreath by Treasures & Travels
Christmas wreath by Treasures & Travels

Step-by-step diy xmas wreath

Green Christmas Cheat 02: Branches in a pot

This is probably the easiest way you can bring christmas into your home. Use a beautiful pot with an interesting branch. It can be any branch, even dead ones you find in the park!

Christmas Branches in beautiful pots
Branches in beautiful pots. Find more beautiful examples like the ones on the left on trendspanarna.nu
branches in pots
More bottled inspiration

branch in a potGreen Christmas Cheat 03: Use what you have

When you decorate your table, use the plates you have. Don’t worry if they don’t all match. Combine different colours to add interest, but follow a pattern so that it looks deliberate. Candles are perfect center pieces; put them on upside-down side plates to catch dripping wax and tie a branch or ribbon around it to make it christmassy.

Christmas table settingsChristmas table 2015

I really love this simple table setting by bestdayever

Green Christmas Cheat 04: Never buy wrapping paper again

I love beautifully wrapped gifts, and even more so, wrapping them! But sadly, wrapping paper is such a waste of money and resources. If you don’t re-use it (and most people probably don’t) it just ends up in the dust bin, and often one that doesn’t go to the recycling depot. It’s actually far more fun to just create your own. Plus, its SO simple. I never buy wrapping paper. I save the brown paper that amazon uses when they ship large things (like cat litter) to my house or I just use scrap paper from the printer drawer or old magazines. Let me show you how easy it is:

Beautifully wrapped giftDIY wrapping paper tutorial

Wishing you a very merry christmas everybody!!